Tammy Guns, CDFA

Tammy has extensive experience in auditing, business development, divorce mediation, asset tracing, and expert witness testimony for divorce cases. Tammy has served on two different Boards of Directors and has published two award-winning books. Her education includes earning four college degrees, which includes two master’s degrees with a strong accounting background. She graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin. Tammy is an informative international keynote speaker. She delivered a TEDx talk in Dallas, Texas, and chaired a global conference in Rome, Italy.
"Choosing me as your divorce mediator means choosing a caring and dedicated professional who will work to facilitate a smoother, less contentious divorce process, and help you build a foundation for a better future. It's important to recognize that the lessons learned from divorce can be deeply personal and vary from one individual to another. Your experience may bring unique insights and growth opportunities that help you navigate life with greater wisdom and resilience." 

What Sets Tammy Apart:

Compassion - Tammy approaches each case with empathy. Having gone through a divorce herself, she understands the emotional difficulties that come with divorce. Your well-being is her priority.
Effective Communication - Facilitating respectful dialogue is essential during a divorce. Tammy fosters open and constructive communication between you and your spouse, promoting understanding and cooperation.
Comprehensive Skillset - Tammy has years of experience in accounting, auditing, business operations, and divorce mediation. Her background equips her with knowledge in various aspects and challenges of the divorce process, which helps her clients reach fair agreements, saving time, money, and emotional strain.

Case Managers:

Our Case Managers are professionals who play a crucial role in ensuring our clients receive the appropriate care and support. All of our Case Managers hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting from nationally accredited universities, along with professional experience in auditing at prestigious Big4 Public Accounting Firms. Their primary role is to coordinate and facilitate services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Partners:

As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, attorneys enlist us to review financials, make projections and recognize the tax implications of divorce. Our partners include: Family Law Attorneys, Divorce Attorneys, Estate Attorneys, Realtors & Mortgage Brokers, CPAs & Bankers, Therapists, Career & Divorce Coaches and Parenting Specialists. 

Our success is dependent upon the collective trust and character of every subject matter expert that contributes to your case.
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