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Between divorce mediation and hiring a divorce attorney lies collaborative law. In a collaborative divorce, each party hires an attorney trained in mediation techniques to help them settle the details of their divorce. These attorneys are skilled in negotiation, and in the case of collaborative divorce, mediation, but they recognize their expertise does not extend to the financial and emotional aspects of divorce. 

We can help fill in these gaps.  As Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, attorneys enlist us to review financials, make projections and recognize the tax implications of divorce.

We Partner with Attorneys for Divorce Coaching

We also offer divorce coaching services to divorce and family law attorneys. According to the ABA, divorce coaching is “a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns”.

Divorce coaches help clients: 

- Collect, organize and analyze paperwork

- Set goals and remain accountable

-Analyze tactics and keep their emotions in check 

- Have a resource for when they need guidance or strategy

Together, divorce professionals help bring all parties closer to a peaceful solution that allows for a healthy restructured post-divorce family.

Our Partners Include:

Family Law Attorneys
Divorce Attorneys
Estate Attorneys
Realtors & Mortgage Brokers
CPAs & Bankers
Career & Divorce Coaches
Parenting Specialists

Collaborative Divorce

We don’t just believe in Collaborative Divorce—we helped establish it as a model in Colorado in 2001. After working on more than 300 collaborative cases, we know what it takes to act as both neutral financial experts, and neutral child/family experts, saving your clients the time and money it would take to pull in an ensemble of experts. Collaborative Divorce removes the need for dueling experts resulting in both cost and time savings.

“I am grateful for the way Divorce Resource Centre supports me and my clients. Information sharing is easy and they are friendly, caring, and competent.”

— Betty Lehman, Principal, Lehman Disability Planning


Other Services

We have assisted attorneys with case settlement for over 10 years and apply more than three decades of experience in helping them ensure the equitable division of marital assets and debts. If you’re a divorce attorney who is concerned that your knowledge in tax laws relating to divorce, or other financial concepts is not up to date, our team of Certified Divorce Financial Analysts can help.

Is your client in need of a pension valuation, capital sufficiency analysis, or determination of self-employed income? We can assist with those too.

“What I like most about Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado is their holistic approach, They are a one-stop location with helpful tools for my clients.”

— Kelly Snodgrass, Owner, Snodgrass Law


Impactful Together

When we work with a partner, we see it as our duty to get to know them, verify that they are experts in their field, and discover where our values and philosophies align. It’s how we ensure our clients experience connection, mindfulness, and the spirit of compromise at every step of their journey. If this sounds like you, we welcome the chance to meet you.
At Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, we have a team of seasoned Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) who provide a cost-effective, respectful mediation process that allows couples and families to rebuild a secure post-divorce future.
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