Divorce mediation is a voluntary, cooperative process. As a neutral third party, we help couples come up with a complete divorce agreement and address various concerns related to their divorce. These concerns commonly include division of assets and liabilities, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, and any other matters relevant to the dissolution of your marriage.
Mediation is typically less confrontational and less expensive than traditional litigation, and it allows couples to maintain a greater degree of control over the outcome of their divorce. We will provide support and guidance throughout the mediation process, but you maintain full authority over all decision-making.

The Roadmap to Resolution

Our team views divorce through a 360 degree lens and crafts thorough, durable agreements that keep you in control of your divorce.

Milestone #1: Clarity

To begin, we'll gain clarity on your fears and anxieties around your current and future financial situation. We'll also outline any parenting considerations that require attention.

Milestone #2: Getting on the Same Page

We'll uncover where you both stand as it relates to dividing up assets, parenting the children, and providing support. Together, we'll take inventory of your marital estate.
Points we’ll explore:
Assets & Debts, Separate vs. Marital Property, Investment & Retirement Accounts, Personal Property, Avoiding Tax Traps

Milestone #3: Forward-Focused Budgets & Cash Flow Analysis

During this step, you’ll create a realistic, forward-looking spending plan that you can implement and rely on as you rebuild financially post-divorce. We don’t stop at the basics. We’ll help you plan for items you might not have thought of yet, as well as unexpected life events.
You’ll have an understanding of your:
Income & Post-divorce Spending Plan, Cash Flow and Post Divorce Bottom Line, Costs of Maintenance & Child Support, Appropriate Tax Filing Status and Dependency Exemptions

Milestone #4: Parenting Plan

We believe that while your marriage is over, your family is not. We’ll help you create a parenting plan that genuinely addresses your children’s needs and family’s best interest.
Considerations we’ll help you plan for:
Parenting Time & Division of Labor, Holiday Schedules, Shared Expenses, Cash Flow, & Schedules, Child Support (& costs not covered by child support)

Milestone #5: Negotiation & Agreement

Taking into consideration your needs and the needs of your children, we will share scenarios of different financial outcomes so you can make informed decisions about your settlement. We’ll help finalize your divorce with less conflict, contention, and cost than with traditional routes.
Items we’ll complete:
Negotiations on Property Division, support, Tax Implications, Maintenance, & Child Support, Final Document Review (Decisions on Global Settlements), Review of Memorandum of Understanding & Parenting Plan

Milestone #6: Mediation Conclusion

Rather than a future based solely on law or “win-lose” models, you’ll be empowered with a plan for successful implementation of a post-divorce life - one that meets the unique needs of your family.
To ensure you’ll succeed, we’ll close with the following:
Post-divorce Checklist Review, Discussion of Next Steps

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