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"Who gets the house?" and “How do we make this seamless for the kids?” are just two of the many concerns you might have as you face divorce. Unfortunately, court systems and conversations on courthouse steps aren’t designed to address these worries or the stability of your family’s future.
Our mediation process is designed to eliminate the uncertainty while allowing you to divorce with respect and dignity.


For a Fraction of the Cost

We’re ready to learn about your needs and help you offload the details causing you overwhelm. You’ll engage with highly seasoned, neutral mediators (privately and confidentially), experience healthy conflict, and be allowed equal space as you heal and rebuild. Our team views divorce through a 360 degree lens and crafts thorough, durable agreements that keep you in control of your divorce.

To Resolution

A Discrete, Holistic, & Meaningful Process
Milestone #1: Clarity
We'll begin to confront your fears and anxieties by gaining clarity around your current financial situation. Then, we'll help you gain clarity on what is important to you going forward.
Milestone #2: Getting on the Same Page
We'll uncover where you both stand as it relates to dividing up assets, parenting the children, and providing support. Together, we'll take inventory of your marital estate.
Milestone #3: Forward-Focused Budgets & Cash Flow Analysis
We go beyond the basics. We'll help you plan for items you might not have thought of yet, as well as unexpected life events.
Milestone #4: Parenting Plan
Your parenting plan will genuinely address your family's needs and will serve to create a path for you and your ex-spouse to effectively co-parent and raise the children you had always dreamed of, post-divorce.
Milestone #5: Negotiation & Agreement
This is where the rubber meets the road. Taking into consideration your needs and the needs of your children, we will share scenarios of different financial outcomes so you can make informed decisions about your settlement. We’ll finalize your divorce with less conflict, contention, and cost than with traditional routes.
Milestone #6: Mediation Conclusion
Instead of the bitterness that comes with “win-lose” models, you’ll leave your mediation feeling empowered and served. And, you will have the tools you need to begin rebuilding financially post-divorce.

Transparent Pricing

The average cost of a divorce with children in the state of Colorado is about $21,000. At Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, we work to facilitate meditations for a quarter to a half of that investment. Our pricing is broken down by the size of your financial estate and the household income. You’ll always know what to expect.
Marital Estate / Household
Income Value
< $1M  /  < $125,000
Our Retainer*
 $5,000 Per Family
Marital Estate / Household
Income Value
$1M - $3M  /  $125K - $250K
Our Retainer
$7,500 Per Family
Marital Estate / Household
Income Value
> $3M  /  > $250,000
Our Retainer
$7,500 to $10K Per Family
*Pricing structures can vary based on levels of conflict, parenting and financial issues encountered throughout the process. The initial consultation provides an accurate estimate for the cost of your case.

“The team at Divorce Resource Centre helped us stay focus on coming to decisions instead of rehashing our differences, all while keeping financial realities in mind when making agreements.”


Schedule Your Mediation Consultation Now

While you might be worried about how divorce will impact everything from your house and lifestyle, to your finances and children's expenses, you don’t have to live in fear or uncertainty.
The divorce mediation process always starts here:
A 90-min consultation where you’ll gain answers to your questions, a full understanding of the different ways to divorce, and most importantly, the knowledge you need to begin relieving your overwhelm. If you decide to engage in our full Mediation Process, the $250 fee for this Mediation Consultation will be applied to the cost of your case.


Through ALL the Details?

These days, it seems like everyone has a working knowledge of the divorce process, yet many couples remain under-informed of the various financial and parenting considerations they need to make. Get a clear picture of the choices you’ll need to make with our divorce checklist.
By submitting your information, you will receive the divorce checklist and other email communications from us.
At Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, we have a team of seasoned Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) who provide a cost-effective, respectful mediation process that allows couples and families to rebuild a secure post-divorce future.
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