Forensic Accounting

We've assisted both our current and past clients with a variety of matters requiring forensic accounting. We use many techniques, including data analysis, document examination, and interviews with relevant parties to gather evidence of financial wrongdoing.

Litigation Support:

We often provide expert witness testimony in legal cases. Our findings and analysis can be used in court to support or refute claims related to financial matters.

Asset Tracing:

We trace the movement of assets to determine if they have been misappropriated or concealed. This is especially important in cases involving non disclosure of assets or movement of marital funds to privately held accounts.

Separate Asset Tracing:

We help to trace separate assets that are not included in the marital asset division.

Expert Testimony:

We provide expert testimony in court proceedings, arbitration, or mediation, where our expertise can help clarify complex financial matters.

Forensic Accounting Examples

With the application of our accounting and investigative skills, we have created reports that demonstrate:
- The true income of spouses that own a business
- Wasteful spending, excessive withdrawals from joint bank accounts, or improper handling of assets
-  Hidden income and or hidden assets
Every divorce case is unique. Feel free to call us or schedule a consultation, and we can discuss your specific concerns.
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