Co-Parenting & An Amicable Separation

When author and freelance journalist Helen Thorpe sought a resource to help her and her husband of 11 years achieve a respectful divorce, her marriage counselor referred her to our team. Through our mediation processes, we were able to help the two navigate their complex situation and arrive at a meaningful co-parenting plan.
As with all our clients, we began with a Mediation Consultation to provide more information about our process and to understand Helen and her husband's goals and guiding principles. Helen expressed, 'The entire orientation was focused on achieving a peaceful resolution. I felt a tremendous sense of relief."
From there, we proceeded to sessions in which we assessed the couple's financial situation, conducted a budget and cash flow analysis, and assisted them in dividing their property and planning for a financially secure future for both parties.
We were also able to create a viable situation that enhanced Helen and her ex-husband’s ability to co-parent, enabling them to work together effectively in guiding their son toward adulthood.
“DRCC approached our divorce as if it was more of a math problem, with less emotion, and guided us to think that way as well so that we could split our household without arguing,” Helen explained. “DRCC helped me be smart about what to ask for. I would not have made some of those choices on my own; in hindsight, they were exactly the right decisions.”
Divorcing Without Resentment
Sue Klebold, the author of 'A Mother's Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy,' a book about the Columbine High School massacre, discovered our team through a family member's recommendation. Sue and her husband, Tom, had been married for 43 years.
“We didn’t want to involve costly attorneys, use up our limited resources, and turn our marriage into a battleground,” Sue explained.
Sue and Tom weren’t certain that divorce would be the ultimate outcome of their mediation.
Sue recalls, “When we went in, our life felt like a tangle of knots that couldn’t be untied. The stress of trying to decide what to do with our marriage felt unbearable.”
For this reason, we elected to include a family therapist as part of the process. Sue and Tom met with the therapist privately, as well as during the mediation sessions. Eventually Sue and Tom agreed that a divorce was the best decision.
We were able to help Sue and Tom in navigating the complexities that arose from their decision to divorce, which included resolving disputes over previously unresolved assets. Additionally, we provided guidance on often overlooked aspects like tax implications and retirement planning. Sue described the experience as, "It made the impossible possible."
Because Sue and Tom walked through divorce outside the traditional court systems, they were able to remain in control of the process and strike an important balance between the emotional and financial aspects of their experience.
When we asked Sue how she felt when reflecting on our work together, she explained that, after talking to others who had gone through lengthier, more expensive, and contentious divorces, she was grateful to have taken a different route — one that enabled her and Tom to monitor their feelings and prioritize self-care.
“Although it was never painless, I have no bad or stressful memories about the process," Sue explained. "There is no resentment. I would never want to go through a divorce or separation any other way.”

Client Excerpts

"I was in one of the worst states of my life and I wouldn't have been able to move forward without the team anticipating my needs and giving me step-by-step instructions."
"What I valued most about our work with DRCC was the support they provided throughout the process, as well as their commitment to divorces that don’t involve conflict and all negativity."
"Divorce Resource Centre’s approach is more holistic than other resources, in terms of financial separation that can be maintained long term."
"Working with Divorce Resource Centre was a positive experience. I’m glad we went through the mediation process instead of using an attorney."
"Divorce Resource Centre helped a stressful situation keep from getting worse. They stuck with it even when we wanted to quit."
"During our mediation, I felt so insecure about not knowing the numbers, but Divorce Resource Centre made me feel normal. They took time to explain until I understood."
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