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Divorce Mediation, Financial Planning & Wealth Management

We're a team of seasoned divorce professionals and case managers who provide a cost-effective, respectful mediation process, allowing couples and families to build a secure post-divorce future. We serve our clients, both locally and nationwide, with thoughtful financial analysis, meaningful parenting plans, and informed decision making. 


Integrity & Authenticity
Our success is dependent upon the collective trust, connection, and character of every teammate, subject matter expert, and family member that contributes to your mediation.
Remaining cutting edge is the lifeblood of our approach. We deliver a solid education on the process of divorce, and we continually build our knowledge of tax, finance, and parenting in divorce.
Together, we have the power to shape your family into a restructured entity. To get there, we'll remain present and curious while learning what will create the most favorable transformation for you.
Uniqueness & Efficiency
Each mediation or divorce financial analysis that we facilitate is distinct, yet supported by the same proven technology, workflows, and processes. We're committed to outstanding service!


The Team

We're all driven by the vision of a world where families divorce with respect and dignity, and go on to enjoy healthier lives, happier families and post-divorce relationships.


Deb Johnson

Professional Mediator, Divorce Financial Analyst, & Chartered Financial Consultant
Caring. Warm. Compassionate. Deb is differentiated first by her uncommon complement of financial expertise and strong emotional intelligence. Deb is distinct in her passion for working with families with special needs, and brings specialized expertise in helping parents ensure their settlements are built with maintaining government Social ecurity and Medicaid benefits in mind.

Deb aims to create an environment where couples can get divorced respectfully and leverages her expertise as a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and Professional Mediator to help families approach their transition through a 360 degree lens in crafting thorough, durable agreements.

Her rigorous training in the areas of tax and family law, pension valuations, marital dissolution, and post-divorce retirement planning makes her a frequently tapped speaker by organizations such as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Family Law Institute. Deb’s professional affiliations include membership with the Colorado Bar Association, Society for Financial Services Professionals, Rocky Mountain Collaborative Divorce Practice Group, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, among many others.


Tammy Guns

Tammy has extensive corporate industry experience in auditing, business valuations, business development and healthcare operations for the past 25 years. Tammy has served on two different Board of Directors and has published two award winning books. She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Her education includes: a Master’s of Arts in Health Services Administration and a Master’s of Accountancy. She graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin.

Tammy is an engaging and informative international keynote speaker including a TEDx talk in Dallas, TX on “Why the Best Healthcare System Starts with YOU!” and she was the honorary chair at a Health and Wellness conference in Rome, Italy where she presented on “How Decision Making is the Single Biggest Factor Negatively Impacting Health and Finances.”


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Unlike divorcing through the court system, at Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado you'll engage with our neutral mediators, experience healthy conflict, and be allowed equal space as you heal and rebuild.


Through ALL the Details?

These days, it seems like everyone has a working knowledge of the divorce process, yet many couples remain under-informed of the various financial and parenting considerations they need to make. Get a clear picture of the choices you’ll need to make with our divorce checklist.
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At Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado, we have a team of seasoned Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) who provide a cost-effective, respectful mediation process that allows couples and families to rebuild a secure post-divorce future.
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