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Divorce is often accompanied by feelings of financial uncertainty. At Divorce Resource Center of Colorado, our goal is to provide compassionate and comprehensive support to individuals and families navigating the challenging process of divorce. We empower our clients to make informed decisions that lead to constructive outcomes. We believe in promoting mutual respect and effective communication to minimize the emotional and financial burdens associated with divorce.

We serve all clients based on their individual needs. Whether you just started the divorce process or are close to reaching an agreement, we can help.

DRCC provides a variety of services, including Mediation, Divorce Financial Analysis, Expert Witness Testimony, Forensic Accounting, Post-Decree Modifications, Separate Asset Tracing, and more. Depending on your specific situation, we can collaborate with both parties or work independently with a single party. If you are unsure which service is best for you, schedule a free 20-minute consultation, and we can talk through it.
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Divorce is often the single largest financial transaction you will enter into in your lifetime.

Seeking sound advice from a competent Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can be of the utmost importance in ensuring that all avenues and their impacts on liquidity, cash flow, and asset preservation are understood before making lasting decisions. Learn more about the benefits of hiring us here:
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Mediation Services

Divorce mediation is a voluntary, cooperative process. As a neutral third party, we help couples come up with a complete divorce agreement and address various concerns related to their divorce. Learn more about our Mediation Services here:

Divorce Financial Analysis Services

Many clients come to us from attorney referrals in order to help analyze the financial proposals made by the opposing party. Learn more about our DFA Services here:
Divorce Financial Analysis

Forensic Accounting

We use many techniques, including data analysis, document examination, and interviews with relevant parties, to help uncover hidden assets, trace financial transactions, and detect irregularities in financial matters. Learn more about our Forensic Accounting Services here:
Forensic Accounting
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