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Divorce Settlement Planning

A divorce financial planner can offer several different approaches to settling your divorce.

Private Settlement
If you and your spouse are able to communicate and you want to maintain an amicable relationship through the divorce process, our divorce financial specialists can meet with both of you and guide you through the financial aspects of your divorce such as:

- Identifying and valuing the marital vs. separate property

- Valuing Pensions and other Retirement Plans

- Exploring if it is feasible to retain the marital residence

- Analyzing living expenses and determining cash flow needs as one household is divided into two

- Identifying who should claim the children for tax purposes

Attorney Referrals
If you find communication with your spouse to be challenging, our divorce financial specialists can work with you on the financial issues of your divorce and refer you to a lawyer, either collaborative or traditional, to handle the legal issues. Throughout this process, we would also work with you and your attorney to assist in developing a financially equitable settlement by providing:

- Detailed financial data

- Tax impact of various financial settlement options

- A comprehensive financial plan

- A financial forecast of the long-term financial effects of any potential settlements

The financial experts of Divorce Resource Centre of Colorado are also trained Mediators and therefore are able to help resolve the complex financial issues of divorce.

Your Divorce Can Create Empowering Choices!