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Divorce Process Options

What methods are available to me to get divorced in Colorado?

While not an outcome most of us want to consider when getting married, divorce is a common occurence today. The good news is that there are more alternative methods to reach a settlement today, than ever.


PRO SE' (Without Legal Representation) 

  • No legal advice
  • Parties communicate with one another
  • Divorce is a matter of public record
  • Must negotiate own separation agreement, complete and file all required forms with the Court or hire an attorney or paralegal service
  • Must appear in Court if minor children are involved



  • A neutral person facilitates an agreement among the parties using “Interest Based” negotiations
  • No legal advice is given
  • Mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to document your agreements
  • Settlement is based on client’s sense of fairness



  • A comprehensive team approach where all parties contract to settle the divorce without Court
  • Each party has an attorney as an advocate
  • Full and Fair disclosure
  • Divorce is not a public record
  • The parties themselves decide the fate of their family’s future



  • Each party is represented by a lawyer
  • Court dockets determine the expediency of the divorce
  • Divorce is a matter of public record
  • Very costly
  • Judge or attorneys decide the fate of your family’s future


Regardless of the method you find most suitable for your situation, adding a divorce financial planner to your team will certainly give you confidence. Knowing that you have looked at all the financial angles of your divorce and knowing that you made informed decisions relative to all the complex financial issues.

Your Divorce Can Create Empowering Choices!